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Land Surveying: Towards a Smarter Life

Jun 27, 2019 | Vietnam

Surveyors and land professionals came together in April 2019 to Hanoi for FIG 2019 working week. The theme was ‘Geospatial information for a smarter life and environmental resilience’. The conference had a strong focus on tackling climate change by working towards a smarter life, both through the development of smart cities and also in rural areas. Prof Rudolf Staiger, FIG president talked about maps and spatial data being digital public goods. He highlighted that classic cadastral approaches are too time-consuming and expensive; faster solutions are needed. This was possible with the new innovations available. Mika-Petteri Törhönen, lead land administration specialist at the World Bank and keynote speaker at the opening session, provided a fascinating overview of secure tenure for all – men and women – in the context of the World Bank’s land and geospatial programme. He highlighted that land tenure security is key to ending poverty, eliminating hunger, achieving gender equality and sharing prosperity.