On 5 April 2020, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) launched a website that enables shoppers to better comply with social distancing measures. This website was developed in collaboration with retail operators and Enterprise Singapore (ESG), which contributed shopper traffic data and safe distancing guidelines respectively.

Powered by Esri, the website, Space Out, indicates the intensity of shopper traffic at shopping malls in real time. In turn, shoppers can make informed decisions on when and where they should purchase essential goods.

Given that people tend to avoid crowded malls, the dissemination of such information aids retail mall operators in crowd management.

Space Out currently displays data for over 50 malls across the island, whereby each mall is represented as a coloured circle. The degree of crowdedness in each mall is distinguished by colour: green for not crowded, yellow for some shopper traffic, orange for crowded and finally red for malls that have reached their maximum capacity.

The URA is reaching out to more mall operators to further help shoppers make more informed decisions.

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