In a partnership with the University at Buffalo — the flagship campus of the State University of New York system, the Singapore Institute of Management will be offering a three-year Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Science. 

Through the degree’s robust curriculum that focuses both on the theory and application of geospatial software and technology, graduates are primed to take on roles as cartographers, climatologists, ecologists, environmental scientists and managers as well as urban and transportation planners.    

This new course aligns with Singapore’s push to leverage geospatial information and technology to advance the Smart Nation initiative. 

Said an SIM spokesman: “In Singapore, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and GovTech play an active role in driving the nation’s geospatial development. A geospatial masterplan, called Geospatial Singapore, is in place to support upcoming developments. This masterplan signifies a whole-of-nation approach to collectively maximise the use of geospatial information and technology for Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative as well as the country’s future economy.”

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