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New Research Centre to Spur 5G Tech in Built Environment

Dec 20, 2021 | Singapore

The Straits Times reported that the National University of Singapore (NUS) had launched its Centre for 5G Digital Building Technology. The research centre under NUS’s College of Design and Engineering would work with industry experts to accelerate digitalisation and adoption of 5G technologies in Singapore’s built environment.

Associate Professor Shah Kwok Wei, who led the centre’s 5G research thrust, said, “One of the applications which the centre has embarked on is to use a 5G digital twin platform to virtually replicate physical buildings to enable facility management specialist to better visualise, manage and control their property assets in real time”. This single “digital twin” platform worked by producing 3D virtual replicas of a building and its functions. The university said it had already inked agreements with 12 organisations to collaborate on digital building technology. These organisations included SLA, telco M1 and facilities management company CBM, as well as various tech solutions providers like Nokia.

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