LOTaDATA, a GeoWorks GeoTech, has been included in the GovTech 100 2020 list of companies for the third year in a row, an annual list of the top 100 innovative companies that specialise in providing technology products and solutions for state and local government agencies, having made a difference in the public sector. The list comprises of a range of companies, from Fortune 100 companies, public companies and large enterprises, to innovative startups like LOTaDATA, including brands like Motorola, ESRI, Moovit and Sidewalk Labs (Google) this year.

Its CityDash.ai platform is the reason LOTaDATA was selected, an easy-to-use map-based visual dashboard that analyses people-presence, activity and movement from a trillion daily data points collected via a billion devices. This allows CityDash.ai to create aggregated, anonymous and privacy-compliant daily data insights specific to each census block and neighbourhood for over 1000 cities globally, helping cities understand how residents and visitors move, interact and engage with neighbourhoods, assets, services and spaces.

CityDash.ai also offers a free 30-day trial for the public sector. Government agencies, NGOs, academia, and non-profits can explore the platform with unlimited user accounts, unlimited data usage, and service and support from LOTaDATA’s data scientists and geospatial experts.

LOTaDATA seeks to design technology and AI to make cities smarter and better. With use cases spanning from economic development, urban planning, mobility, smart assets, public safety, customer service, city events, programmes, and festivals, the startup aligns with the GovTech100 list’s purpose to encourage tech companies to contribute to the public sector for the growth and improvement of cities.

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