The Enterprise GIS (eGIS) system collates and presents geospatial data from diverse sources in an integrated manner to allow the police have better situational awareness and effect a quick and informed response. With thousands of real-time GPS data being ingested into the eGIS system every minute, the police get a real-time view of events as they happen and plan for resources, keeping the public and officers safe.

This is a collaboration by Singapore Police Force and Home Team Science and Technology Agency. The team received the Esri Special Achievement in GIS Award in July 2020, for its innovative application of mapping and analytics technology. The team is the only one from Singapore to win tje international award out of over 300,000 global candidates. The geospatial data from these diverse sources are stacked on top of one another on one electronic platform and allows the police to identify crime hot spots, map crimes, deploy officers and make data-driven decisions.

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