As the COVID-19 pandemic forces lockdowns across the globe, restrictions in mobility, closing of economic activities, social distancing norms, shutting down of education and health services, entertainment and mass gatherings have all led to people moving to digital platforms to stay connected with each other and engage in economic and social activities.

Contact tracing applications, e-permits, e-clinics, e-health bulletins, dashboards of data, cloud-based clinical data hosting, sharing and collaboration between public health researchers, awareness building apps and chatbots now play a significant role.

Myanmar needs to move in this direction as increasingly sectors such as transportation, industry (company registration, investment etc), property registration are moving towards digital platforms. Access to such data aggregates with adequate privacy safeguards would be the next data revolution that Myanmar is poised to take off in the coming years. Similarly, systems for harnessing big data, geospatial data, real-time data, without compromising privacy, would also be required in the coming years to inform public policy in a significant way.