1. Who is eligible to participate in the ASEAN Geospatial Challenge 2021 (AGC 21)?

AGC 21 is open to all students who are enrolled on a full-time basis at an Institute of Higher Learning (Tertiary Institution or its equivalent) only.

2. Can my team consist of participants from different Institutes of Higher Learning?

Yes, as long as each participant is a full-time student from the same country. 

3. Is there any participation fee?

No entry fee is required to enter the Challenge.

4. How many people are allowed in each team?

Each team should have between two to four participants. Each participant is only eligible to register for one team.

5. What is the proficiency level expected of the participants?

All interested participants with any level of geospatial knowledge, skillsets and proficiencies are invited to participate in AGC 21.

6. What are participants expected to submit?

Each team is to submit their i) Project Write Up, ii) Declaration Form on the Originality of Work, iii) Declaration Forms on Student Identity and iv) Group Photo. Please refer here for more information.

7. How many SDGs should the Challenge Statement address?

The Challenge Statement must address at least one of the SDGs. Teams are not required to derive Challenge Statements that tackle multiple SDGs.

8. What are some examples of projects that could be undertaken?

Some examples include:

  1. using Geospatial Technology to support climate action decision-making and policies.
  2. using Geospatial Technology to ensure reliability and sustainable management of water and sensitization.

 9. What is the required level of detail in the Project Write Up?

Participants are encouraged to familiarise with the Judging Criteria in the Project Write Up. The proposed solution does not need to be a functioning application and can be a conceptual solution. Teams can include diagrams (e.g. maps, charts, graphs, pictures) as and when required.

10. Is it compulsory to use the supporting resources contributed by the challenge partners? 

No, it is not compulsory to use these supporting resources. Not utilising these resources will not impact the project’s scoring/judging in any way. However, we welcome and encourage students to use the Supporting Resources that can be found on the website. Students may choose to utilize the various geospatial platforms/software offered by challenge partners (AWS, CITYDATA, Graffiquo. HERE, Hexagon, Trimble). Please contact the respective contact person(s) (contact email provided on the website) to explore directly the resources that might aid in your project.

11. How will the judging take place?

In view of the pandemic situation, there will not be a LIVE judging. Judging will be done remotely by a panel of judges. Information about the judging panel will be released later.

12. When and how will the winners be notified?

Results for the ASEAN-level judging will be announced on 10th March 2021. Results will also be published on the website.

13. Are participants required to showcase their projects?

Selected teams will be featured during the Winners’ Appreciation at Geo Connect Asia 2021. Geo Connect Asia 2021 is an exhibition-led geospatial and location intelligence event with specific focus on Southeast Asia. The event will bring the industry together for two days (24 & 25 March 2021) of focused discussion and networking, conferences, seminar across various industry verticals such as Disaster Relief & Emergency Planning, Agriculture & Forestry, Construction & Real Estate and many more. More information will be released when available. 

14. Who owns the Intellectual Property Rights of the submitted projects?

Please refer to Paragraph 3 in the AGC 21 Terms & Conditions for more information.

15. Who can I contact if I have any enquiries?

Participants can email to geoworks@sla.gov.sg should they have any queries.