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Explore Geospatial education opportunities in Brunei 
Universiti Brunei Darussalam — Environmental Studies
  • Similarly allows students to explore techniques in Land Surveying, Satellite Imagery and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Universiti Brunei Darussalam — Geography, Environment and Development, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Students explore techniques in Land Surveying, Satellite Imagery and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


Explore Geospatial education opportunities in Indonesia 
Gadjah Mada University — Faculty of Geography
  • Offers a Cartography and Remote Sensing undergraduate study programme that is recognised by ASIIN, a NGO dedicated to upholding the quality of STEM related study programmes
  • Offers an Environmental Geography undergraduate study programme that covers modules in Geographic Information Systems as well as techniques and analysis of Geographic data
  • Also offers a masters programme in Remote Sensing
Muhammadiyah University of Surakarta
  • Bachelor of Geography study programme teaches Remote Sensing Technology and Information Systems as part of its core competencies
University of Indonesia — Department of Geography
  • Offers a Bachelor of Geography undergraduate study programme that grooms competency in GIS and PJ application models


Explore Geospatial education opportunities in Myanmar 
University of Yangon — Geography Department
  • Teaches Geospatial technology as an elective course under its Bachelor of Arts Undergraduate degree in Geography
  • Offers GIS and Remote Sensing as a Post Graduate Diploma
  • Phd — Remote Sensing and GIS as a possible area of specialisation



Explore Geospatial education opportunities in Philippines
UP Department of Geodetic Engineering & Training Center for Applied Geodesy and Photogrammetry (DGE & TCAGP)
  • Philippines’ leading institutions in geospatial education, research, training and extension, serving the nation through its undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and its various training modules.
NAMRIA Geomatics Training Center
  • The NAMRIA Geomatics Training Center offers training courses on Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mapping for GIS, Basic Hydrography, and other surveying, mapping, and allied technologies used by the agency.



Explore Geospatial education opportunities in Singapore 
Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Diploma in Information Technology offers Geospatial and Mobile Innovation as one of the Year 3 specialisation.
  • It aims to equip students with skills on geospatial analytics, visualisation to enable them to build engaging GIS-enabled mobile and web applications in a highly scalable environment, leveraging the power of cloud computing.
National University of Singapore - GeoSpatial 101 @ NUS ISEM
  • Under the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering & Management Faculty of Engineering, this workshop focuses on basic usage of a few popular Geospatial software and management of various geospatial data formats.
  • Participants will work with various datasets, such as the 2018 6-digit Singapore postal codes and a complete routable road network of Singapore, to solve interesting local geographic problems revolving around trending themes, such as emergency planning and disaster preparedness, childcare, urban mobility, ageing populations, inclusive society and population density.
  • Participants will take away skills and knowledge of working with various geospatial services, crowdsourcing for data collection, designing maps to present geospatial information and performing geospatial analytics.
National University of Singapore - NUS GIS Minor Programme
  • The Minor in GIS provides a new opportunity for NUS students, one that promises to be welcomed by many employers.
  • Job prospects across public and private sectors have been one of the greatest factors driving the demand for GIS education in colleges and universities throughout the world in the past two decades. This demand will only continue to grow as more careers require some GIS knowledge.
Singapore Management University - Geospatial 101 Course
  • This course introduces the fundamental concepts of GIS and equip participants with knowledge of how to create solutions using key features of GIS software and services.
  • Participants will learn to work with GIS components that cover the creation of data, visualising geographic information and analyzing spatial data to support decision making.
National University of Singapore - Geospatial 101 @ NUS Geography
  • Returning for the 5th year, the Geospatial 101@NUS Geography is an annual workshop conducted by the Department of Geography that offers participants a fundamental perspective to geospatial science and technology.
  • Supported by SLA, this 3-day workshop will cover the basics of geospatial data management and analysis through hands-on exercises with GIS software. No prior experience needed.
National University of Singapore - Master of Science in Applied Geographic Information Systems (MSc in Applied GIS)
  • The single-degree coursework Master’s programme, hosted in Department of Geography at NUS, reflects the cutting-edge technologies and latest developments in GIS and its applications.
  • This innovative programme provides an exciting opportunity for prospective students to study at NUS, the top university in Asia, as a pathway to a PhD or further practical career in applied GIS or related disciplines.
Singapore Polytechnic - Geospatial 101
  • The course will provide participants with basic understanding of Geographical Information System (GIS).
  • The participants will learn how to view, analyse and display geospatial data for decision making.
Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • Offers course on GIS and BIM for the Built Environment
  • The course covers Web GIS and BIM. It demonstrates GIS as a powerful enabling technology to integrate data from BIM and different systems to benefit stakeholders in the built environment.


Explore Geospatial education opportunities in Vietnam 
Can Tho University (DRAGON Institute – Mekong)
  • Executed training course entitled “Introduction to creating map with Openstreetmap (OSM)”.
Hanoi Civil Engineering University
  • Urban Architecture Institute mentioned by Geospatial World as a forerunner in the use of Geospatial technology in academia
Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  • Offers a masters training programme in Maps, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (Industry code: 60440214)
  • Currently piloting an undergraduate programme in Geographic information science under its University of Natural Sciences
  • Also offers a Phd training programme in Maps, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (Industry code: 62440214)