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Government Agencies

Explore government agencies dealing with geospatial technology 
Brunei Survey Department The Ministry of Development, Survey Department has done its role in response to our country needs in related to matters of land surveying, preparation and production of maps and consistency and updating of Land Information Technology toward country development and projects under the Country Development Plan.
Badan Infomasi Geospatial (Indonesia) Geospatial Information Agency has the task of carrying out governmental tasks in the field of Geospatial Information.
Singapore Land Authority
  • The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is a statutory board under the Ministry of Law
  • It develops and markets State properties to optimise their use for the benefit for the public. SLA also plays a leading role in developing geospatial data infrastructure and policies, enabling knowledge and value creation for the Government, enterprise and community
  • SLA also looks after the registration of property transactions in Singapore and is responsible for the management and maintenance of the national land survey system
Vietnam Department of Survey, Mapping & Geographic Information
  • The Department of Survey and Mapping of the Prime Minister’s Office was established according to the Government Decree No.444-TTg on the 14th of December 1959
  • Its responsibilities include managing survey and mapping activities and the implementation of national survey and mapping work
  • The department is also charged with establishing a survey – mapping database for GIS (Geographical Information System) and thematic information


Explore Geospatial Companies in Brunei 
Network Integrity Assurance Technologies To provide cost-effective, resilient and secure satellite communications connectivity (VSAT) solutions for maritime, remote and rural locations.
Teca TECA (B) Sdn Bhd is a registered Public Works Department Class IV specialist contractor providing high quality specialist services in the field of geotechnical, geological, geophysical, environmental and ground engineering.
Soartech Systems Soartech specialises in geospatial technology, aerial imagery, and LiDAR. We are here to support your professional and business needs with location data analytics and digital models.


Explore Geospatial Companies in Indonesia 
Geonet Infomedia Geonet is Indonesian based Solution Company provides some services such as consulting, geospatial, IT & Support, Training and software.
NSI Nusantara Secom InfoTech specialize in IT consulting services and customers are our top priority.
Supermap SuperMap Software Co.Ltd. is an innovative GIS platform software and service provider.
Gojek Gojek is Southeast Asia’s leading on-demand, multi-service tech platform providing access to a wide range of services including transport, payments, food delivery, logistics, and many more.
PT Cash Integrasi From efficient logistics to smart travel solutions, from environmentally-friendly vehicles to AI-enhanced entertainment, PT Cash Integrasi is relentlessly growing its digital ecosystem, as it aims to serve and benefit this great nation.


Explore Geospatial Companies in Philippines
Geodata Systems Technologies, Inc.
  • Provides smart mapping and spatial analytics solutions
  • Provides GIS, GPS and Imagery Processing training courses
Certeza Infosys Corporation
  • Specializes in data acquisition, data processing, imagery analysis and interpretation, hosting and delivering large datasets, as well as offering GIS system development and consultancy services
Geo-Surveys and Mapping (GSMI)
  • Provides High-Resolution Satellite Imageries and GIS software packages
SRDP Consulting, Inc.
  • Provides Computer Mapping, GIS and Engineering services


Explore Geospatial education opportunities in Singapore 

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Explore Geospatial companies in Vietnam
  • BeetSoft Co., Ltd is an IT Consultancy, IT Outsourcing, Annotation, and BPO company based in Vietnam
  • BeetSoft’s clients include small medium enterprises and multi-national corporations
  • With over six years of experience, BeetSoft specialises in IT Outsourcing, IT Consulting, Annotation, BPO, Application Development, Operating Systems, Game Development, Web Development, System Development, AR, VR and MR Technologies
GeoViet Consulting
  • GeoViet Consulting provides consultancy, research and training services in the areas of geospatial information technologies, urban/ regional and environmental studies, natural resources planning as well as project management and business analytics
  • GeoViet also provides organizations with integrated data solutions in mapping, imaging, geospatial information and property information. Such solutions range from system analysis and design to full implementation
  • VidaGIS is a joint-venture between Denmark and Vietnam specialising in GIS, EAMS, SDI and spatial data management
  • VidaGIS is the first company to introduce an integrated GIS and EAMS platform (Aktivmap) for infrastructure and facility management
  • Established in 2014, Bac Ha Software Co., Ltd. (BHSoft) serves clients from various countries
  • BHSoft helps clients design and develop future-proof and secure digital products that focus on user needs and fulfill clients’ business goals
  • BHSoft’s areas on expertise include: Full Cycle Product Development, Product Design and Development, Machine Learning Services and Digital Transformation Services
Green Field Consulting
  • Green Field Consulting is a research-based company providing consulting services in natural resource management, GIS and remote sensing and energy saving solutions in Vietnam.
  • Green Field Consulting specialises in offering solutions for development projects that are data driven and problem-oriented
  • Green Field’s extensive experience in local knowledge, culture and business systems enables them to craft successful solutions for clients