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About ASEAN Geospatial Challenge 2023

The ASEAN Geospatial Challenge 2023: Geospatial Youth Edition brings youth in the ASEAN region together to use geospatial technology and information to support nations in achieving their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Targeted at students from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) in the ASEAN region, the challenge aims to: 

Cultivate good relationships and
collaborations among the youth in ASEAN
Elevate geospatial competencies
and facilitate knowledge sharing
Raise interest in the geospatial field


Find out more about the winning projects from the ASEAN Geospatial Challenge 2022 here, and watch the AGC22 video from Geo Connect Asia here

Format of the Challenge

AGC 2023 Challenge Format.png

Key Dates

AGC 2023 Timeline.png

Important Notes for Participants

View here for submission guidelines, rules and regulations and judging criteria of the challenge. 

Each team is to submit the following documents to their respective National Geospatial Agency:

Documents to be submitted
Project Write-Up
A completed project write-up to be submitted by each participating team.
Poster Submission
A digital supplementary poster submission to be submitted one per team.
For more information on what to include inside the poster, please refer to the Important Notes for Participants hyperlinked above (.pdf formats only)
Declaration Form on the Originality of Work Duly completed and signed as a team (.doc, .docx formats only)
Declaration Forms on Student Identity Duly completed and signed by each team member (.doc, .docx formats only)
Team Photo Group photo of all team members (.jpeg, .jpg, .png formats only)

Award Categories and Prizes

Competing projects at the National level will be awarded based on the following prize categories.
Find out more about the prize categories below:

                                                                                                                            • $500 cash or voucher
        AWS notebook and utility pouch 

Competing projects at the ASEAN level will be awarded based on the following prize categories.
Find out more about the prize categories below:

Group-2491@2x-300x294.png                        • GeoWorks: $500 cash or voucher

                           Esri Singapore: Up to four sixmonth                                       internships across Singapore, Malaysia or                            Indonesia and up to eight ArcGIS for                                  Personal Use Licences (Valid for one year)

                         Trimble: 1 Year subscription to Trimble                                 Business Centre Survey & Mapping Module

                           Montgomery Asia: Complimentary Geo                                 Connect Asia 2023 student passes

                           AWS: Cloud Training and Certificate                                   vouchers, & AWS notebook and utility                                   pouch

                          Hexagon: Two internships for Singapore-                             based winners 

Group-2490@2x-300x300.png                       • $300 cash or voucher
                       • AWS notebook and utility pouch

Group-2489@2x-296x300.png                       • $200 cash or voucher
                       • AWS notebook and utility pouch

Click here for more information 

Judging Criteria

Projects will be assessed based on the following criterion: 


Click here for find out more about each criteria

Visit the AGC 23 Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

For any inquiries regarding the challenge, please email geoworks@sla.gov.sg.